Are Dr Giorgini food supplements also suitable for children?

In general, Dr Giorgini food supplements (tablets and non-alcoholic liquids), unless otherwise specified in the product warnings, can also be used by children: to calculate the appropriate amount of the product (for tablets and non-alcoholic liquids) simply multiply the dose indicated on the package by the number of child's years of age and then divide the amount obtained by 15 (empirical method taken from: Medicamenta, guida teorico-pratica per sanitari, VI edizione, Cooperativa farmaceutica, Milano (Medicamenta, theoretical and practical guide for health-care specialists, sixth edition, Pharmaceutical Co, Milan). Nonetheless, for the use of the products under 3 years of age you should seek medical advice.

To take this product you can either use a dropper or a measuring cup, remembering that 1 ml corresponds to about 12 drops.

To facilitate intake by children, tablets can be crushed and mixed with fruit juice, yoghurt or other beverages. Alternatively you can mix them with a teaspoon of honey or jam to make them more pleasant-tasting. The same reasoning also applies to liquids, which can be diluted and sweetened to taste. Most of Dr Giorgini food supplements are not sweetened, to let the consumer free to add the sweetener he/she prefers (sugar, honey, natural sweeteners, etc.).


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